7 Reasons Why Systeme.io is the Ultimate Platform for Beginner Marketers

7 Reasons Why Systeme.io is the Ultimate Platform for Beginner Marketers

7 Reasons Why Systeme.io is the Ultimate Platform for Beginner Marketers

There’s absolutely no denying the fact that building a profitable online business is no easy task. Not only will you need to be tech savvy, but the costs can add up quickly.

Most beginners get online hoping to make some extra money to pay off their bills and/or get out of debt. Very often, they’re short of time and money. However, once they discover how much time and money is involved when it comes to starting an online business… it can be very discouraging.

Thankfully, these days newbie marketers can rely on Systeme.io (SIO) to have their backs when they’re starting off. Over the past couple of years, SIO has skyrocketed in popularity.

Tens of thousands of users are leveraging it and even expert marketers are switching over to it – and ditching expensive platforms like Kajabi and ClickFunnels.

So why is Systeme.io perfect for beginners?

  1. Can build a business with $0

For starters, it has a highly generous free plan that has enough features for just about anyone to start making money online. Since you have the account free for life, there’s no clock ticking unlike what you’d get with most time-based trials.

By creating a sales page and selling a product on SIO, you’ll easily be able to make enough to pay for the monthly plan which is very affordable.

With the monthly plan, you’ll get more features and higher limits. At $27 a month, most beginners will be able to afford it once they’re making a few sales.

So you can start off free… make money with it… and only pay when your business grows. That’s the best way to bootstrap your business.

  1. All-in-one solution

Systeme.io has all the features most beginner marketers will need. You can create sales pages, build an email list of eager subscribers, run a blog, and much more with it.

The only downside here is that you can’t build an ecommerce store with Systeme.io. If you’re going into ecom, you’re better off with Shopify.

For most other business models, Systeme has a ton of integrated features so that you never need to look at 3rd party tools to build your business.

  1. Grows with you

As mentioned earlier, Systeme.io grows with you. If we looked at platforms such as Skool or ClickFunnels, they have a flat rate of about $97-$99 every month.

The beginner who’s struggling to gain traction will have a tough time paying this relatively steep monthly fee, since they won’t be making much sales… or any for that matter.

Since SIO allows you to build a business for free and you have sufficient time to get customers and traction, you’ll be able to grow your business without stressing out.

With 3 sales funnels and 2000 contacts on the free plan, most beginners worth their marketing salt will be able to leverage these features to sell their own products for profit.

As your business grows, you can opt for the $27 or $47 or even $97 plans. Systeme.io will scale with you and you’ll only need to take on costs that you can confidently manage.

  1. Excellent support

When it comes to support, Systeme.io is second to none. The founder, Aurelien Amacker, has improved the support on this platform until it has reached a point where most support tickets are answered within 2-4 hours.

Since the support is 24/7, you’ll be able to get help anytime you need it.

  1. No transaction fees

Systeme.io does not charge transaction fees unlike platforms such as Gumroad, WarriorPlus, etc. Other than the fees you pay PayPal/Stripe, you’ll be able to keep almost all your profits.

That’s fantastic when you’re starting off. Every cent counts.

  1. Supportive community

The Systeme.io Facebook group is active, supportive and has many people who will help you, if you have any questions.

You can mingle with fellow users and get ideas on how to use the platform to build your business.

  1. User-friendly

The SIO platform is intuitive and easy to use. Everything is cleanly laid out, and there are many tutorial videos on YouTube.

There’s even a free certification course you can go through to fully understand how the platform works.

Just by spending an hour or two on it daily, you’ll be easily wielding Systeme.io like a pro within a week.

If you’re a beginner on a tight budget, but you see yourself having a profitable online business empire, there’s no better place than to start that Systeme.io.

Give it a try and you’ll never look back.

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